is an infinite, colorful playground that lurks from the heavy confines of a vapid reality. Or an “alternative entertainment website”. Whichever you prefer.

So what is this website really about? Trippy is rather subjective. There’s really no defined meaning here. We simply post videos and other artwork that we find pretty fucking cool.

This includes psychedelic videos and music, mind-blowing concepts/tech and creative/unique artwork. Weird shit. We like it!

We do not produce/create any material on this website, only curate it. We of course give full credit to authors/creators. The unfortunate exceptions are pictures and backgrounds. We will always give credit if applicable but many are pulled from various websites and social media sites where it is only re-posted by other people and not the original creator.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are the rightful owner of any artwork on this website. We will facilitate your requests immediately. does not promote or condone the use of drugs. Any content relating to such are for simulation purposes only.