Aether, by NYVVA

The mythical Cosmic Tortoise wanders the aether that binds the mulitverse. What appears to be a falling star enters the liquid-like aether and from it, the Cosmic Tortoise imagines and thus creates a self-evolving, surreal, living universe seen as a particulate, psychedelic organism, as he has apparently done infinite times.

AETHER, the Debut EP by NYVVA, juxtaposes dark ambient synthesis with melodic sitar to create an exotic sonic journey, traversing trance-like terrain to a darker and beautiful rhythmic space and back again, with hints of Nine Inch Nails and Massive Attack. Nyvva is Grammy winning recording engineer, sound designer, and visual effects artist Adam Scott Clark, who has written music and designed visual effects for over 30 films and television productions and has worked with Academy Award winning talent.

Check out the EP at:

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