Our hyper-reality allows for all knowledge to be within reach and in this setting we function with ease at the cost of being saturated – computers as extensions of ourselves. Anthologie is an over-saturated patchwork of connected worlds depicting our relation with the virtual one through the digital screens surrounding us. Here, the LCD is glorified as a portal, pulling the viewer across surrealistic and abstract dimensions revealing the medium of this VR experience: the pixel.

Aesthetically inspired by both today’s render culture and the early years of computer graphics, the immaterial compositions of Baron Lanteigne are organized with maniacal precision to the maximalist song Midnight Special by Bobby Tank.

It began as an experimental glitch art project with a strong focus on pixel manipulations.The title, Anthologie, emerged as I was collecting virtual worlds created over the last couple years which ended up embedded in this seamless trip. The resulting retro-futuristic animation takes on a dual nature. It can be consumed as a virtual reality or immersive projection.

Visuals: Baron Lanteigne –
Music: Bobby Tank –
Curated by Not Like That –

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