Ape School – Wail To God

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Video for Ape School’s ‘Wail To God’ taken from Ape School’s eponymous debut album out now on Counter Records.

Follow the trail of enigmata through the hallowed halls of Ape School Post-Secondary, past the frightening portrait of its inter-special provost, into the annals of the institution from which you first heard bellows of his “Wail To God”, and you’ll happen upon a deserted studio flickering the first teachings of Professor Michael Johnson, and his spiral into madness. The video, animated by Anthony F. Schepperd, casts a primitive and psychedelic lesson of the basest emotions between lust, joy and desperation, as a vest-clad ape-man fumbles his tenuous place in society with more primitive, animistic compulsions. A brush-up with a bimbo begets run-ins cops, batons, and a reassuring robot. It’s a vibrant, painstakingly illustrated, imperfectly primal, and viscerally told story, ending happily in a towering forest of Dr. Seuss-like tit trees. Somewhere between Fritz the Cat and all those ape attacks in the news, “Wail To God” is bizarre, and a perfect distillation of what the Ape School course pack is about.

The video is animated and directed by: Anthony F. Schepperd.

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