Music: Aquarius – by Boards of Canada, from the album Music Has the Right to Children
Original Footage: CELEBRATION: I Am All of These – by Dorothy Fadiman and Robert Pacelli ©1983
Video Editing: David Dohrmann

Using a single short film as a source, I decided to create a psychedellic video using Boards of Canada as the soundscape. “Aquarius” might be the best introductory song to BoC, whom I consider one of the most important and influental musical acts of the new millenium. For this video, I wasn’t as worried about beat syncopation or timing. I felt the initial footage allowed for more organic visuals. A major influence and inspiration was from the exhibit “West of Center” at the Denver Museum of Contemporary Art. Conterculture, psychedelics, and self-expression were major themes, and I was particularly influenced by the “psychedellic reel” that was playing. Enjoy the trip.

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