Once upon a time, in the heart of a deep forest, lived a creature. The creature’s name was Arshebalt. Arshebalt lived in harmony with the surrounding world. Sometimes, after lunch, he would stroll along with a herd of mushrooms.

However, Arshebalt was bored. Nothing extraordinary ever happened to him. But one day, while he was sound asleep at the foot of the highest tree in the forest, something did happen. Something very strange.

Quite intrigued, Arshebalt went out of the forest, and walked toward the place where the thing had fallen. Arshebalt was curious, but nonetheless prudent. So he just watched from the top of a hill.

The thing turned out to be a circle. And before Arshebalt had time to realize how unreasonable this was, the circle was gone. Arshebalt became more curious, and less prudent, and decided to follow it.

He followed the circle for a very, very long time. They went through places where Arshebalt would never have ventured alone. Arshebalt followed the mysterious circle to the end of the world. And then, for the second time in a single day, another strange thing happened. Arshebalt had become a circle.

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