ASMR Fancy Letter


Ok. let’s be honest…my handwriting is so awful and hard to read that it could easily be used by NSA as a new and highly innovative encryption method. Probably even better than quantum encryption.

The skills that I presented in this video show only half of what I’m actually capable of.
Straight lines… yes I can write with straight lines. When I was a student, I tended to be an outsider. Most of the time alone, an introvert hidden in the shade of his own thoughts. Everyone seemed to look at me with confusion because I was always clutching my notebooks really hard to my chest, and looking around with fear in my eyes. One day a nice girl who must have thought that I can’t be as weird as everybody thinks approached me, and asked to borrow some of my notes. Without saying a word I gave her one of my notebooks enthusiastically. Unfortunately it was the one with straight lines…

Well… to put it mildly, borrowing the notebook with straight lines in it didn’t help me to socialise with the rest of the students. Next morning everyone was afraid of me.

In a fit of pique I developed a new writing technique which involved vigorous blowing on a piece of paper. Next day I was expelled from university.

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