Attack Of The Foodies

It’s been 7 years since the mysterious illness Cadbury Mini Egg Syndrome (CMS) has surfaced and the community of Daverhill is slowly getting back to everyday life. To curb the spread of CMS city officials have mandated an annual Cottontine sending all department store Easter bunnies to the unemployment line but not before they get to partake in an all day Rabbit Rally Party at Dilly Bickles Bar and Grill. Meanwhile two former pot dealers have created a new synthetic designer drug known as Potty Rockets a potent blend of chemicals mixed into toilet paper and served up like popcorn which is sweeping the nation turning people into TP Tweekers. They are about to make the deal of the century as a huge sale to the secret buyer that will set them up for life. Little do they know that the byproduct of their Potty Rockets has turned a cockroach radioactive with the ability to turn anyone who crosses his path into a Corona Zombie. . Luckily for the citizens of Daverhill former superhero turned record executive Super Slither and his line up of fellow former superheroes turned musicians are here to save the day.

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