Barry Why

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These are the issues that arise when Barry decides not to share his donuts with Hans. Hans is Barry’s German room mate, a soft spoken individual who intends not to “rustle jimmies”. It has been a few hours since lunch and Hans could use an afternoon snack, how will Hans escape this predicament?

Hans stares lustfully at the donuts in Barry’s fortress of forearms. They are such delicate yet lively colours. Hans empty stomach void fills with nostalgia. The colours, in perfect balance and juxtaposition to each other, remind him of the Guggenheim in Germany, and the works he witnessed at his visit there before taking the plunge into trying to become an artist and moving to New York city. All his artists friends told him this was the place to be. His afternoon hunger seemed to complement the ache he had to become a successful artist.

Suddenly, he felt rather morose. Barry with his abundance of donuts became a metaphor for the unattainable. His sadness quickly transformed into a resentment of Barry, Barry the institution like the Guggenheim and the multitude of galleries in New York that weren’t even returning his phone calls.

Why does he hog the afternoon snacks? Why? Everything good seem to come to Barry, his room mate. Hans was always stuck with the lunch time dishes, Hans always swept the floor. What did he get for it? Not even a donut. The question splurted out of Hans’ lips, and he felt himself cringe. What nerve he had to confront Barry like this? Maybe this was a new chapter for Hans and his issues with his room mate. Sweat rolled down his forehead as he was terrified of Barry’s potential.

Then, Barry, in his abstract ways, took two perfectly complementing donuts and slowly began to raise them into the air. Hans heard a strange rhythm, not sure where it was coming from. The closer the donuts came to Barry’s beady eyes, the louder the sound. It was a showdown and Hans felt he was staring into the eyes of a deadly tiger.

Licensed from Pond5, it’s by Steve Raphael

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