Bloodstream by IOLITE

Eloquent and haunting, “Blood Stream”, IOLITE’s emotionally vulnerable single, is propelling the fresh seventeen-year-old artist into the spotlight. Landing a coveted top 3 spot on Hometown for the Holidays, a song competition presented by one of America’s largest Alternative stations, Denver’s own Channel 93.3, was something the singer-songwriter never dreamed of. “I literally wrote and recorded the song just a few weeks before submitting it,” she explains. Although the soundscape of the track is polished and infectiously laced with hooks, it was born out of raw personal pain. “Sometimes the people we love the most can hurt us the most. But that’s when you know you love someone, when you can really feel it in your bones and in your heart.” “Blood Stream” is currently enjoying a steady climb in SoundCloud and Spotify spins as well as iTunes sales, demonstrating a ground swell of IOLITE fans.

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