Burning Moments // Burning Man

A surreal take on my experiences at Burning Man 2014.

Check out my photos from the Burn:

This year I attended my first Burning Man festival and had an insane time. The whole week felt like a really trippy, lucid dream. I was so busy exploring and meeting people that I barely took my camera out (hence the short, minute long video). This video is a collection of various moments I experienced that week.

A few hours after we burned the man, I headed to the temple to lie down and ultimately fell asleep. I was abruptly woken up by the sound you hear in this video, which was playing literally right behind my head. I turned around and saw this girl, Marisa, who was playing the didgeridoo, a wooden instrument which is super hard to use. I quickly grabbed my iPhone and started recording her playing. I decided to use the audio as the soundtrack for the video to help illustrate the unique, psychedelic nature of my Burning Man experience.

Filmed entirely using my Sony NEX-7 with Fisheye lens.

Also, if you personally know Marisa (the awesome lady playing the didgeridoo), please send me a message. I wasn’t able to get her contact info when we spoke and would love to share the video with her. Thanks.

Contact: [email protected]

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