Chasing Photons

This is the centerpiece of my project, ‘Chasing Photons’. The song is the first I’ve done which started as a bassline and was built up around it to create the song you hear now. The video is a culmination of about 3 months of experimenting After Effects, and is the most varied in my project – it has a bit of everything, and is a kind of merging of film and animation. Though it does have a central visual theme, kaleidoscope imagery, I tried to make each shot as unique as possible from the other to keep the visual fresh during it’s runtime. To create this video I mainly used footage I took myself of various locations (including my lounge), except for the time lapse images of stars and clouds moving across the sky, as this was free stock footage. Any comments and / or critcisms are more than welcome. Hope you enjoy watching.

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