Check Out This Trippy 48 Hour Video Challenge

14 teams of Austin based studios and freelancers participated in a 48 hour animation challenge in the spirit of an Exquisite Corpse presented by the Austin Motion Artists Group, Moontower VFX, Houndstooth Studio, and The Octopus Project.

On January 17th, 2014, each team received a specifically designed start frame, an end frame, an 11 second 4 bar phrase of the chosen Octopus Project song and a guiding theme “The Ecstatic Energy of Geometry.”

2 days later, everybody converged on Moontower VFX to assemble their segments into a seamless 3 minute music video, drink beer, and revel in the bliss of their collaborative creation. There was also a pool table.


Presented by: Austin Motion Artists Group, Moontower VFX, Houndstooth Studio, and The Octopus Project

Produced by: Travis Benn and Ryan Padgett

Hosted by: Moontower VFX

Keyframe Design by: The Octopus Project and Houndstooth Studio

Written and Performed by The Octopus Project
Peek-A-Boo Records


0:06 – 0:18 Diego Hernandez – Cuyá Productions
0:18 – 0:30 Greg Omelchuck – Moontower VFX
0:30 – 0:41 Chris Beaver – Powerhouse Animation
Willis Bulliner
Ryan Cullen
Louie Granda
0:41 – 0:53 Travis Benn – Houndstooth Studio
0:53 – 1:05 Geoff Marslett – Swerve Pictures
1:05 – 1:17 Dustin Scott – Great Job LLC
Michael Ricks
1:17 – 1:29 Jacob Hilton
Thomas Thorne
1:29 – 1:41 Wiley Wiggins
1:41 – 1:52 Scott Gelber
1:52 – 2:04 Nick Walker – Zoticus Design
2:04 – 2:16 Adam Garner – Trigger Studios
2:16 – 2:28 Ryan Padgett – Chaotic Moon Studios
Brad Dugdale
2:28 – 2:40 Ray Pena – Moontower VFX
2:40 – 2:52 Toto Miranda – The Octopus Project
Josh Lambert

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