Cowboy Lightning

“Cowboy Lightning” is from Spaceface’s 2017 LP release Sun Kids.

“I was saving these old scientific illustrations from sketch books from the early 1900s, which included all of these detailed butterflies, mushrooms, and minerals that I had wanted to cut out and collage in some way. I used the lyrical references to heaven and hell as the foundation for everything else. When Jake (Ingalls) first shared the tune with me, he included a grocery list of images he already had in his head, which I think included gaping voids and a scratchy stick figure guy who would morph into airplanes or something has he flew out of hell. So I essentially started with that and what followed was a sort free association with the concept of heaven and hell to me. The little guy is perpetually walking the line between heaven and hell the entire animation, which I think is fitting and in hindsight, turns these two places into destinations of consequence. The only true stop is that little coffin at the end.”

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