Crystal Vibes

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VR 360-degree Stereoscopic Video Version:

360-degree Equirectangular 4K Version:

Experience body vibrations of candy colored psychedelic sound rippling through an endless crystal universe. Crystal Vibes utilizes the cutting edge of spatial 3D audio, full-body ‘Synesthesia Suit’ vibro-tactile stimulation, and sound visualization that maps sound and light based on the science of the human senses, to push the frontiers of technology-mediated sensory experience in virtual reality. With the project’s predecessor described as “transcendent” and “like traveling through a psychedelic kaleidoscope” (Forbes 2016), this piece ups the ante with music from producer Ott. and is all-new for a trippier Sundance Film Festival and New Frontier 2017.


Artist/Creator: Benjamin Outram
Music: “Harwell Dekatron” by Ott.

Thanks to:
Tetsuya Mizuguchi
Keio Media Design

Synesthesia Suit Integration: Yukari Konishi, Aria Shinbo, Reiko Shimizu

More about the Synesthesia Suit can be found at

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