Dope Dealer

Directed by Ryan Staake

Production Company: Pomp&Clout
Executive Producers: Ryen Bartlett & Ryan Staake
Producers: Ryan Huffman & Kevin Staake
Director of Photography: Kristian Zuniga
1st Assistant Camera: Mario Mascetti
Gaffer: Chris Gould
Production Designer NYC: Zebah Pinkman
Production Designer LA: Clayton Beisner

Post Production Producer: Aaron Vinton
3D Artist: Mark Rubbo
VFX Touchups: Aaron Vinton, Pete Puskas & Ryan Staake
Editor: Ryosuke Tanzawa
Colorist: David Torcivia

– NY Crew –
Key Grip: Brian Stansfield
DIT: Pete Puskas
Stylist: Jessica Galvan
HMU: Maya Rene
Production Assistant: Diana Seldin
Production Assistant: Christian Torres

– Humboldt County Crew –
HMU: Juloni Euan
Assistant HMU: Katrina Arnold

– LA Crew –
Production Manager: David Ledwith
Key Grip: David Stacey
Swing: Matt Wiborg
Stylist: Cherokee Neas
HMU: Mila Grass
Prop Assistant: Sam King
Production Assistant: Chris Madrigal
Production Assistant: Sam King

– NY Cast –
Buyer: Sira P Kante
Dealer: Jonathan Gordon

– Humboldt County Cast –
Trimmer Girls: Brittney Goodman, Matalie Church-Nyberg, Juloni Euan & Katrina Arnold.

– LA Cast –
Dealer: Royal Martin
Thief: Michael Kelly
Henchman: Rube Lacrete
Girls: Char Edwards, Cree Johnson & Amy Jackson
DEA Agents: Kenneth Beck, Jim Jepson & Michael Mello
Cop: Frank Mercuri
Transporter: Sara Malakui Lane
Buyers: Kenneth Apel, Jordon Dion & E-Maginne Grant

Label: Top Dawg Entertainment & Interscope Records

Special thanks to 4th Gen Farms, Sunboldt, FulSol Farm & Our Wicked Lady.

Category: Rap & Hip Hop
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