Falling Down The Rabbit Hole: Music

Falling Down The Rabbit Hole (Volume 7 of Series) [MUSIC] March 26th 2016

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In Collaboration with:
Sorryaboutyourcats, Hunter Causey III , Slower Future, Thanator, Copious Jones, HNNY, Wild Bill Blair, Gitch.nyc, Cash Wale, Jaimie Wint, Spacemonkey, Jake Hart and Tanisha Rowe.

Edited By: Tanisha Rowe & Joey Wint

Life is Beautiful. So I present to you “MUSIC” in a very abstract format. Sticking to the theme basis from here on out we give you something that everyone can relate to. The video features appearances and collaborations from some memorable characters on YouTube as well as reputable up and coming artists that have had an impact in my life in some way. you will be able to experience a wide variety of soothing and enjoyable High Quality Audio throughout the 19 minute long montage of mirages of the true blending of what different types of music sounds and looks like. Sit back and relax as you begin to recognize and remember the familiar tones, scents and accents the visuals begin to present as you begin to feel more at peace with the nature and beauty the world possess. It is true you are now Falling Down The Rabbit Hole. The videos inspiration can mostly be accredited to the great Dave Hughes who is an American television producer and editor, at Williams Street as well as Million Monkeys Inc. He is also a previous video editor at MTV Animation, working on series such as Beavis and Butt-head, Celebrity Deathmatch and Cartoon Sushi Space Ghost Coast to Coast in Los Angeles. Off the Air as well as many other Adult Swim Series. As well as Electronic composer Dan Deacon. Be sure to Watch Dan Deacon’s trippy animated video for ‘When I Was Done Dying’ For 2 am trippiest video. So if you like adult swim content then buckle up and get ready for FDRH. East coast inspirations from The Georgia Florida Area, Detriot Michigan. Much Thanks to Akon, Katy Perry, Richie Nuzz, B Red, Davido, Kentro, So Fresh Ent, Extra special thanks to the team based out of Atlanta who is always there to lend a helping hand.


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