GIF Jam 2014

This collaboration was part of Animation Breakdown’s Free For All program at Cinefamily ( ). The mighty Paul Fraser ( ) created the amazing music track first, not knowing what imagery was to go with it. Participants turned in GIFs not knowing what would happen. Then I edited the GIFs to the music. So music was done BEFORE the edit, which if you think about it is kind of crazy but it magically came together (I think). List of GIF artists below. Can’t thank everyone enough for trusting me with their work and taking part in this fun experiment!

Andrew Benson
Christian Villacañas
Courtney Garvin
Dale Anderson
Dave Smith
David Maingault
Dylan Hayes
Ed Skudder
Felix Colgrave
Henrique Jardim
Jack Cusumano
Jacky Ke Jiang
Jared D. Weiss
Jaydeep Hasrajani
Jen Lee
Jeremy Sengly
Jeremy Couillard
Jesse Jacobs
John Lisle
Johnny Woods
Jonathan Rawlings
Justin Hilden
Lindsay and Alex Small-Butera
Lilli Carré
Matt Furie
Matthias Hoegg
Max Litvinov
Max Wittert
Nath Milburn
Neil Sanders
Nick Arciaga
Paul Robertson
Peter Burr
Sarah Schmidt
Scott Gelber
Tim Beckhardt
Tim Rauch
Tom Hunter

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