Having Fun with Fluids

The demoscene is a computer art subculture that generates beautiful visuals and music out of a few lines of code. But what if a designer and a musician cannot code at all but still want to be part of the movement? The answer is to let the visuals become analog, let the audio go gaga and answer following question: „What would it be like if code was a drink?“.
The outcome will be FUN WITH FLUIDS. An 8mm, splitscreen, out of focus, magnetic fluid, ambient light production that somehow feels like watching a 30 second commercial … but in a very weird way.
Fun with fluids premiered on the 9th of August and won 2nd place at the demoscene party evoke within the competition of animation. Have fun watching!

Idea, Concept and Production: grade die.
Music and Sound: Sascha Jatho

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