Money is not just currency. It is the most common piece of artwork.
It represents our history, culture and mythology.

Thus, it does not only appear as the material backbone of our civilization – it´s dialectic is that it constitutes and is being constituted by the way our civilization proceeds. If this is the case, our materialism is not only reflected by the very material that money is, the material itself reflects the very state our civilization is in. Money is durable, maybe timeless. Or is it not?

Motion designer Christian Stangl wants to contest the apparent durability by speeding up the natural decay of the material by using various acids. Strangely these chemical processes, that ultimately result in total disaggregation bring unforeseen life to the material symbolization of our society. This music video of Strange Freedom´s Track „Hide“ was made of thousands of single microscopic photographies, merged together, creating a dramatic timelapse scenario.

Music by Strange Freedom:
Almalyn Griesauer
Robert Stefan
Michael Willer

Visuals by:
Christian Stangl

Hardware used:
Leiz Dialux Microscope
Nikon D3
Sony A7R
Micro Nikkor 55/1:2,8

composed in Adobe After Effects


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