Hikari Whispering ASMR

We came to this earth without words. And in our thoughts we dreamt of the cosmos; looking towards the sky. It was only until we defined it, that we knew what it was. We thought it was unreachable. But we looked back and could see our own footsteps, tracing the path from long ago; where we came from all along. They both meet together at this single point: the end and the beginning. We are born without knowing who we are and we grow our lives to seek the answer to ‘I am’. This video is an epitaph for Hikari-san who’s life was cut short from that struggle.

In Memory of HIKARI-SAN ひかりさん
Kiry Yonetani
Lucinda Cowing
Filmed on location in Kyoto, Japan 京都日本
Poem By SHUNTARO TANIKAWA “Epitaph For a Poet’s Tomb”
This film was made in honor and remembrance of Hikari-san. A vlogger who made videos reading and speaking in Japanese ASMR in an effort to help others who shared her struggles with depression and anxiety. She lost her battle with her own internal struggle February 2016.
On her channel she would read in a quiet whisper voice, called ASMR which stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response which creates a calming sensation in listeners. Often used in helping those battle depression or anxiety, this technique creates a unique head sensation.

Her name ひかりさん (Hikari) in kanji 光 in means ‘Light’


Category: ASMR

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