Inner Space Artifacts

“Artifacts from inner space transformed into moving digital sculptures.”

SPECIAL PRESENTATION: SIGGRAPH 2015 Dailies | Los Angeles Convention Center | August 9-13

Selected Screening: Fest Anca, Žilina, Slovakia | June 24-28, 2015

Selected Screening/Installation: Currents 2015 New Media Festival, Santa Fe, New Mexico, June 2015

Garden of Fernal Delights, San Francisco, CA | May 30 – June 30, 2015

Selected Screening: Northwest Animation Festival, Portland, Oregon, May 2015

Video Projection: Symbiosis, Oakdale, CA – September 17-20, 2015

Video Projection: Lucidity Festival 2015, Santa Barbara, CA, Projections by Satsi Jaquith, May 2015

Video Projection: Lightning in a Bottle, Bradley, CA | May 21-25

When creating experimental animations I often use intuition and visualization techniques to come up with ideas. Often times these ideas come to me as a flash of insight. Other times I must plumb the depths of my psyche to find novel approaches to making moving images. The film “Inner Space Artifacts” was a journey of deep excavation into the world of abstract ideas. The moving objects in the animation I regard as “artifacts” that I uncovered and shaped into ephemeral moving digital sculptures.

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