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Wasteboards makes skateboards from recycled plastic out of the plastic soup in our oceans. I responded to the brief with the idea to create some sort of superGIF. This is an unlimited loop depicting the recycling process of the plastic and at the same time showing what plastic does with the creatures of the sea!

Director & Concept: Tommie Geraedts
Production Company: Smarthouse Films
Design & animation:
Director of Photography: Diderik Evers
Executive producer: Sander Heeroma
Producer: Danielle Guirguis
Producer: Michelle Huveneers
3D Character Designer: David Beran
Character Animator: Regis Konan

Talents: Federico Da Fies & Nosa Ketting & Sanne van Linder

Music & Sound design:
Florian van Oirschot, Matthijs Koster, Aike van de Crommert, Jonas Kröpper, Friso Schoone

Agency: Lemon Scented Tea
Creative Director: Rogier Heijning
Art Director: Tom de Hooge
Account manager: Door van Dinten

Client: Wasteboards

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