King Felix – Touching Basses

King Felix is a Los Angeles based electronic music group that produces and Djs a wide variety electronic music such as: bass music, electro-house, progressive house/trance, instrumental hip hop, glitch, dub-step, industrial, ambient, and experimental electronica

The live performances feature Dj sets incorporated with live instruments such as piano, vocoders, drums, bass guitars, vocals, guitars, and other virtual instruments. In addition, when King Felix performs they create their own animations/visuals to accompany the performance. King Felix states, “Nothing means more to us than our fans, we want them to just forget about their daily lives and have a good time when they go out to a show.”

In November 2012 the group released a series of HD/VHS style music videos. King Felix created every element of the music and videos including animation, editing, music production and mastering. These videos have a vintage psychedelic ambiance as they were mixed down through a VHS player to give the videos a nostalgic flavor. The music video for King Felix’s song “Touching Basses” alone has received over 300,000 views on YouTube as of 2013.

King Felix has released several albums since their formation in 2011. The albums the “The Healing Code” and “Home Free/Medical Hookers E.P.” can be found on itunes, beatport, amazon, ect.

However, King Felix has released several songs and albums free of charge on their bandcamp site

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