Kung Fu Soul

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Feverish flashing orientation is turned upside down and crashed over smashed and shattered dreams leaving your way way too early. Independent love is lost in an endless vortex of powerful molten lava streams out of the eruption of the highest unreachable top peak of the vividly vicious volcano. Outside red hot honey is dripping over razor sharp cliff edges while the inside is disorienting in bright beauty, uplifting streams of fresh air gently touch your toes until another wave of blessing bliss rolls over you and drags you along on the ride along the hilariously huge helix hung from the never ending end of the end. Circlish motion, but not quite, where is any direction? Are there any directions left after all? Deeper and deeper or is it higher and higher? Is the question, what is a question, a question at all or is the real question why the question answered itself already! The beginning is what happens when it is about to happen, are you waiting to stay or do you get spit out in pumping humping rhythms, free floating in any direction that is possible, transcending dimensions of glittering light that gently swarms around you, dances vividly in front of your eyes, everywhere, comes closer, shy away, floats around. But can you touch it? Should you touch it? And how should you touch it? Reaching out with your arm and like waves of joy explode out of them and drag the lights away. Swimming free where no gravity exist, you forget about down and up, all sides and directions. No fear of falling down as down doesn’t exist, no fear of falling up, as up doesn’t exist. living and breathing the shy lights retract, swarm around you, relaxing, feeling you, everywhere around you, while you feel their warm glow emanating. The light become brighter and brighter and more and more, slowly approaching, almost blinding you. A light gently touches you, exchanges of energy unload between lit and enlightened astral bodies in gigantic tingling sensations. All your hairs stand up and absorb all the energy like antennas, sucking and pumping in extraordinary blasts of sensual stimulation sprawling and crawling over and under your skin, pulsating in the ancient rhythm that always was, always will be and is present in every moment, filling and fulfilling you, taking you to places never seen before.
When suddenly the lights change their behavior and pattern, they come closer and closer, threatening you, invading your whole body through your eyes and every pore in your skin and all other orifices, pushing you back into your own lost mental state of mind. You did nothing wrong, you didn’t taste the honey that you shouldn’t. You didn’t fly too close to the sun.
Still interested in sniffing all the smells of every world, every smell has a unique color, every light has it’s own sound inside of you, making you exactly who you are, stay this way, strong like iron, stay this way.

Video: Toxic Tuba
Audio: Edwin Montgomery + Toxic Tuba


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