KYMAT – Good Vibrations

Love & peace frequency 68,05 Hz (3rd Octave C3#/cis-136,10 Hz / 4th Octave A4/a’ 432,10 Hz)
Sound of the Earth, Ohm, Healing, Nature, Peace & Love

In this music are frequencies from the sound therapy.
You will hear the frequency of the earth and many other healing tones.
If somewhere is fight – make the music loud! You can also play it with different devices at different times. It will work better.

Cosmic Sound – Planet Tone – Earth Year – Yeartone
432 Hz vibration have to go around the world!

Solfeggio – The frequency of healing and awakening
UT queant laxis 396 Hz – liberation from guilt and fear = sum of the digits 9
REsonare fibris 417 HZ resonance, change = sum of the digits 3
Mira gestorum 528 Hz – miracles / gestures (signs) = sum of the digits 6
FAmuli tuorum 639 Hz – Harmonic relation = sum of the digits 9
SOLlve pollute 741 Hz – Awakening Intuition = sum of the digits 3
LAbii reatum 852 Hz – sound / response = sum of the digits 6

KYMAT makes sound visible in water.
No computer animation, pure nature! water-sound-picture installation.
KYMAT is a Cymatics Installation.
Cymatics is the process of visualizing sound and vibrations.
In the beginning there was the sound.

Category: Cool

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