Let It Go

Official music video for Nobody Beats The Drum – ‘Let It Go’, – released on The Nest HQ.
Download/stream the track at nesthq.com/nbtd-let-it-go/

Illustration: Levi Jacobs
Animation: Max Italiaander
Hein Lagerweij
Tommy Friedrichs
Mitchel Tan
Initiated by Desperados

© 2014 – Nobody Beats The Drum

More information:

After Nest HQ released the latest single of Nobody Beats The Drum back in June, this animation video was a long-cherished wish of Nobody Beats The Drum. Since Sjam Sjamsoedin — the producer behind Nobody Beats The Drum — studied together with Maxmana at the art academy, he already yearned for the opportunity to work together on a music project. This collaboration is now made possible by Desperados within the framework of the #PartyInstinct campaign, an initiative that supports artists who add some color to the nightlife.

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