Lovely Bloodflow

Directed by Alex Takacs and Joe Nankin

DP: Adam Kauper
AC: Andrew Taylor
Wardobe: Lina Lund Mortensen
Make-up: Maria Lee
VFX, Edit, Post: Alex Takacs
Featuring: Takumi Akin, Jane Kilcullen,
Molly Garber, Genevieve Ward
PAs: Ben Krueger, Katherine Carlsburg,
Andrew Scott Levy, Marcus Inglizian,
Will Wiesenfeld, Mario Luna

Very special thanks: Mike Prior, Jason Wolchuk,
Gina Dell’Amico, Jasmin Avila, Mackenzie McNabb

Baths is Will Wiesenfeld,
song ‘Lovely Bloodflow’ is from the
debut album ‘Cerulean’ out now on anticon.

Category: Euphoria, Cool

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