Mandelbulb Fractal VR

360° VR + 180° stereoscopic 3D Fractal Animation made by Schizo – with Mandelbulb 3D and some postprocessing
Instructions: Get red-cyan-glasses. Turn on 3D – Anaglyph at YouTube options. Use clicked mouse, WASD-keys or navigation wheel when viewed on monitor. Use your Cardboard, Oculus Rift or other preferred virtual reality device to dive deep into this 3D fractal matrix and feel it all around you.
Stereo only works when looking to the front but not at the back side!

Download a high quality version and view this video at the following VR communities:
VeeR VR:

By default you can’t create 360° stereoscopic 3D images or animations with the current version 1.91 of Mandelbulb 3D.
The Problem: left and right eye images are stereo for front view, but flipped when you look backwards.
Find a detailed explanation here:

Well 180° stereoscopic fractals are still cool, but with a black back side a part of the VR feeling is lost. So I decided to live with a non-stereoscopic back side.
To make this possible I blended the right eye image with the left eye image using a grayscale gradient image to get a smooth transition.
So the left eye image is the original left eye image, but the right eye image is a combination of right eye image (front) and left eye image (back side). That way you have stereoscopic view in front (left+right) but not at back (left+left).
It would be possible to combine 4 renderings Left-Front+Left-Back (quadrant LB3+LF2+LF3+LB2) and Right-Front+Right-Back (quadrant RB3+RF2+RF3+RB2) to a quite complete (not at sides) stereoscopic view, but that would require an extreme rendering time.
I did the blending with python which is quite cool for such stuff.

Rendering time for both eyes: 60days!

Music: Track “Shadow Traveler” by E-Mantra. Taken from the amazing new album “Raining Lights” released 2015 by Altar Records.
Buy the CD or digital album here:
Visit E-Mantra at facebook:

Visit Altar Records for the best in psychedelic ambient music gems:
Visit Altar Records at bandcamp:
A huge “Thank you” to DJ Zen from Altar Records for permission and to E-Mantra for creating this track.

Background nebula by Toriroz:


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