Metalliferous Streams

My passion for patterned art has evolved to focus on fluid-based digital photography over the course of the last ten years. From working with computer generated fractals, to researching various procedural pattern systems, to playing with acrylic paints in a water tank, I finally found my way to ferrofluid and ink experiments. This digital video footage was done with a Nikon D7100, Nikon micro lens, and a mixture of ferrofluid, pelican and waterman inks. The essence and soul of this experiment is an attempt at visualizing an evolution of the senses and the mind, focusing on an awareness that is expanding in a multitude of directions. The process of individuality is one which unique to each and every one of us – a chaotic and organic process, representing by changing colors, shapes, and constantly evolving patterns.

Composer – Baldassare Galuppi
Performed by – Peter Bradley Fulgoni
Music available at www.

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