Mind Chill 360 Trip Hop Mix

Trip Hop Mind Chill Mix to listen to whilst watching shooting stars from the Orionid Meteor Shower

Enjoy your trip. WATCH LIVE: youtube.com/watch?v=Tjm_6hQIDyA

Relax your mind and experience psychedelic music soundscapes with trippy aliens, seascapes, mystical planets, galaxies, creatures from another planet, aliens, intergalactic campfires and floating Elephants and tigers. 10,000,000 Mind’s Chilled since launch!

Track List:
Wax Triptych – The Chase – soundcloud.com/waxtriptych

Azaleh – Endeavour

🎧 Azaleh Soundcloud » soundcloud.com/azaleh
🎵 Azaleh Year Bandcamp » azaleh.bandcamp.com/music
🖖 Azaleh Facebook » facebook.com/Azaleh-443970115764772/?fref=nf

Chill out with awesome moving art and ambient, lo-fi, hip hop and electronic chill out music curated, produced and mixed by artist Mind Chill.

Escape the stress of work and studying. Mind Chill is perfect for studying, work, relaxing, or focusing.

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Mental health and stress are the health epidemic of the 21st Century according to the world health organisation. Our world is way too stressed out! Mind Chill’s mission to help the world chill out through live chill music, art and trippy animations.

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Special Thanks to the following:

Amazing animation of insomnia from Elena Renn

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