So after like 8 months, I present you my newest “serious” project. It was done with collaboration with an amazing artist named Apel (
He designed all of the Fever Dream series skins that were used in this video. Check the collection here:

Also thanks to Hoxton for helping in creating artwork for the SSG08, link to his workshop:

And thanks Bee for helping in creating artwork for a MAC-10, here’s a link to her workshop:

This edit has been in the works for quite a while, I have learned bunch of things while working on this. I consider it my best work so far, and therefore I am going to make part 2 of it. (I got no idea when tho). I would like to thank DISPLACE with helping me with a sawed-off shotgun rig, and all of the people who somehow contributed in the making of this edit (you can see them in the killfeed and on the wall on the last frag). Some parts of making this were done on livestream, I am considering making a smaller project 100% on stream, so if you would like to see that happen sometime soon, you can drop me a follow on twitch at 🙂

If you would like to see what I based the edit on (and what happens in part 2 (if I actually make it)), you can read it here:

Comparision of the edit vs ingame:

Also shoutout to rockit for being rockit!

Discuss on reddit:

Song: Owl Vision – Horus

Support Owl Vision at:

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