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Hello all!!!! As you have seen in the first video (link here- ) this video is its continuation. In this video, after parts have been seen of the first video. Here one will see the Big-bang, which simply means how the Universe started and how it expanded from a single matter to different galaxies, stars, suns, planets, comets and much more. It is also a show and the special kind of graphics introduced here that is completely focused on Big bang that makes it even trippier than before and this is quite a show that no one ever has seen in their lives. The screen will show various visuals of Big bang that will make the mind hallucinate and one will enter a new level of fantasy here. Here one will see a flight scene that is travelling through the universe, which can give goose-bumps to literally anyone in this world. Effects like smoke, fire and lasers will again add an X factor and will make this stage show trippier. Here one can see the Big bang and the universe in a different manner and will see some beautiful comets like mandala comets as well. These kind of things have never been seen before in any video or stage show that fully focuses on a different level of trip as well as Big bang. Now-is is doing a great work for all those people who need support and those who are poor. They will share a huge percent (51%) of collection to all those who need money or is suffering from extreme poverty. Coming back to this video again, this will be a show that will make a personnel go round and round and that person will trip easily and will trip in a manner that no one has ever experienced before in their lives. This is literally a unique experience with Big bang and this will be so trippy that this will literally take a person out of this world.

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