Pastel Dreams

Official video for “Pastel Dreams”, by David Douglas. From the album “Spectators Of The Universe”. Released on Atomnation Records in March 2017.

Video produced and directed by 75Ω (75 Ohms)

Thump Netherlands Premiere:

Artist Statement:
75Ω (Cheyene Grow & Ryan Peru) were contacted by Netherlands based producer David Douglas to produce a music video for a track off of his new album ‘Spectators of the Universe’. We chose the song ‘Pastel Dreams’ to work with. We liked the implications of working with a pastel color palate within our video artwork. The song also contains echoes of a beach scene, which we took to heart. There is a subtle narrative element to this piece, which is hard to convey when just working with pure video signal, but it’s there if you pay attention. We enjoyed the process of creating this and having the opportunity to work with an international artist. We hope you enjoy it too.

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