Max Cooper and I discussed ideas about space-time before embarking on the Resynthesis project.
We were on the same page for the most part, though, working with Max is always insightful and he enlightened me with some really fascinating ideas about space – time.

I was delighted to once again collaborate, especially with reference to ‘time’, which is such a relatable and unavoidable part of everyone and everything.

The track is really beautiful, I saw the visuals in the music quite clearly from the offset.
I could hear the ‘time stretching’ in the melodies and synths and I was greatly inspired by it.

My aspiration in this piece was to create a journey for the viewer, a passage through space and time, in an effort to represent time as a dimensional structure.

I aimed to convey existence as a solid component of time, an effort to glimpse the idea that our past still exists out there in a stretched, distorted dwelling..

I wanted to capture a human / mortal essence of time, displaying brief impressions of human interactions and activity, traveling in time.

All the fundamental assets were captured employing photography and realtime footage.

I stretched time in both 3d and 2d space using a wide variety of time displacement techniques, ranging from ‘in camera’ work to quite laborious post production work.

Fun Fact..Some of the clips contain exactly one googol videos playing simultaneously.
(using a method I devised some time ago, ie.the second last very short clip)

Most of footage/photography was shot in Dublin Ireland, with additional shots from Co. Sligo.

Working with Max always makes for an interesting time.

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