Rolling ASMR

Hello everyone,

This time I have a video which is a little bit similar to the one with pizza/dough cutter. If you haven’t seen it yet feel free to check it out here:

It seemed that a lot of you really liked this video, so that’s why I decided to make another one. This time instead of the pizza/dough cutter I decided to use this wooden roller that I stumbled upon in a supermarket a few weeks ago. To be honest I do not even know what it is used for. All I know is that I managed to create some nice and relaxing sounds thanks to this intriguing tool.

Apart from using the roller I also made some other sounds such as scratching long haired rug, and cutting kinetic sand with a good old pizza/dough cutter. Feel free to skip the video forward and check the other sounds as well if you don’t find the sound of the roller relaxing.

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