Rose Garden

Incredibly pleased to present ‘Rose Garden’ by Kupla! From his new album “Imaginary” (Out Now!), a fantastic melodic multi-instrumental LP that’s sure to transport you to dreamlike places only imaginable.

The visual journeys through the creation of vinyls during the 50s intertwined with artificially colored roses and flowers from the 20s/50s. Enjoy, tell me what you think of it. 🙂

“Sometimes we live in our own imaginary bubbles. See glimpses of distant images. Floating. But they slip away too easily. Keep your mind open. Dream.

Soundwise the album is close to my previous releases, and has the usual “Kuplasound” feel to it – but perhaps the sound has matured slightly over time.

I’ve recorded a lot of piano, clarinet and melodica, but you can also hear other instruments from my personal collection such as the rhodes, ukulele, hulusi flute, kalimba and various percussive instruments and field recordings. ”
~ ♡ Kupla

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Contact: [email protected]

Edited by Brendan Downs:
Contact: [email protected]

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