Shine On You Crazy Diamond

A very chill combination of this trippy video and a short version of Shine On You Crazy Diamond by Pink Floyd. 3 minutes of Pink Floyd is never enough, nonetheless I hope you enjoy the audio-visual eye candy of this legendary tier masterpiece song; watch while high on life is good enough, whatever floats your boat ✌️

►Visual Artist: Roman De Giuli
►A very talented artist, he transforms the abstract narrative potential of organic visuals to experimental montages with a cinematic character. Visit the links below to discover more of his art.
►The highly expressive aesthetic video is an experimental macro short which is made of acrylic paint on paper.
►All original footage is shot in 4K, pure organic visuals, no CGI.

►Artist: Pink Floyd
►Song: Shine On You Crazy Diamond
►Writers: Richard Wright, Roger Waters, David Gilmour

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