Social Near-death Sensations

Social Near-death Sensations (S.N.S.) / Omodaka + Teppei Maki

It appears that every moment of life would be re-experienced along with a strong emotion in the “Life Review” which is to occur in the near-death experience. Experiences of the past which you have forgotten everyday would be seen as the panorama, reproduced to become a realistic picture and re-experienced as well as the perspective of themselves also from the point of view of others who own once affected.

We assume that such flash-backs are also seen in groups of individuals when the society itself is faced with a near death experience. We have looked at these assembly of individuals that we call society in our work ‘Social Near-death Sensations’ to try and look deeper into this phenomenon. The society we have focused on is Japan right after it was hit by a massive earthquake five years ago. This animation was produced as overlapping situations that are condensed into increase of social crime, political instability and serious environmental problems. These are in a sense the Japanese social near-death experiences.




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