Solar Sea VR

Richard Barbieri’s ‘Solar Sea’ scores a new 360° video that explores multiple worlds in space. Taken from the new album Planets + Persona – [PLEASE WATCH IN AN UPDATED BROWSER]

Watch the VR video as it takes you on a journey through colliding planets, ice crystals inside a hollow comet, volcanic asteroids spewing molten lava into open space and a breathtaking finale.

To view Richard Barbieri’s Solar Sea in 360, you will need to view the video using the YouTube app on iOS and Android. By moving your smartphone or tablet, you will be able to look around the 360 degree view. To watch on a desktop or laptop computer, you will need to make sure you are using the latest version of either Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Opera. You will then be able to move the view by clicking and dragging inside the video player or by using the WASD keys. For the most immersive experience, we recommend using a VR headset.

Having seen the video for the first time with a VR headset Richard enthused: “THAT WAS INCREDIBLE! Amazing that Miles (Skarin) has captured the movement and turbulence of planets, particles and matter that I was trying to reference in the music. It’s a totally immersive experience and, along with the artwork, another important addition to the album experience”

Video by: Miles Skarin from Crystal Spotlight

Lisen Rylander Love: Voices, Saxophone
Luca Calabrese: Trumpet
Kjell Severinsson: Drums
Klas Assarsson: Vibraphone
Richard Barbieri: Synthesisers, Fender Rhodes, Sampler, Electronic Percussion Programming

Released on the 40th anniversary of the Japan’s first recording, the new studio album from the ex-Japan and Porcupine Tree keyboards maestro, ‘Planets + Persona’ is Richard Barbieri’s most sonically expansive work to date with an array of guest performers.
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Category: Trippy VR

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