(v.) to do something with soul, creativity, or love: to put something of yourself into your work.

In collaboration with Tom Berg and P.P. Mundim (links below) I am proud to finally present Subsonic by Evil Needle; a brief glimpse into an alternate reality where green & magenta dominate the color spectrum and our French friends are right down the road. Some things remain familiar, but are clearly different.

Some background info:

For the past four years I have spent countless hours developing my own style as a video artist. I have always been obsessed with visuals, but the initial inspiration to create out of this world content transpires from Pretty Light’s incredible album A Color Map of the Sun and RadioEditAV’s brilliant music video accompaniment The Visual Project. The beautiful cinematic swirls of colors, effects, and videography that illustrate PL music perfectly left a yearning in my soul to produce similar designs, but with my own crazy visual syncing techniques. I listen to songs and visualize how they would be perceived as a video. These ideas torment me until I am able to edit them into existence. I’ve come a long way, but the with help and support of some wonderful people.

This edit derives from a place of pure joy and confidence. I am blessed to be able to collaborate with artists from around the world straight from my bedroom. Through instagram I’ve met some incredible individuals I would not have met otherwise. Originally I was contacted by an ad agency to create a music video for Evil Needle’s song Subsonic from his new album Abyssal. This was the single best email I had ever received. Extremely excited I immediately began working on it with two other visual artists in mind. Tom Berg has been sending me astounding timelapses and drone footage for over a year. Through his passion of videography my style has excelled exponentially. Another video artist P.P. Mundim specializes in glitched Paris footage that she filters through an array of apps. The gritty approach of her visual method mixed with fast paced high definition time-lapses, and my newfound editing skills was the perfect combination for a galactic experience. Unfortunately they chose another artist for the official music video. However, I am thankful that I was personally sought out for something like this. It was too fantastic of an idea to just throw away. So here is the unofficial music video for Subsonic. Enjoy.

Time-lapses and drone footage captured Tom Berg:

Paris footage captured & edited by P.P. Mundim:

Edited by Brendan Downs:……

Inquiries [email protected]

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Abyssal is now available worldwide!

~ Downs

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