Sugar For The Pill

Slowdive’s brief highlighted Harry Everett Smith’s film Heaven and Earth Magic. We were particularly interested in how this piece couldn’t be understood or experienced in any terms other than the visual. It was a kind of pure visualness.

With this specificity in mind – form, light and colour became the main variables when complimenting this beautiful and understated track. Variables which we feel tap into film’s root properties.

This notion of a root or foundation instructed our selection of shapes and objects too. Primary geometries are mixed with more natural formations, setting the elemental against the complex, and so exploring where these two cross over aesthetically.

All the shapes, objects and colours were shot in-camera on S16mm film then layered up and merged in post-production. This combination of filmic textures and digital possibilities provided the blueprint for experimentation throughout the process.

Director/Editor/VFX: in/out
Producer: Julia Frost
Exec. Producer: Natalie Arnett @ Riff Raff
Commissioner: Tom Davies
Colourist: Toby Tomkins @ CHEAT
Director of Photography: Benjamin Todd
1st AC: Kate Eccarius
Camera Trainee: Kiloran McLaren
1st AD: Jess Horne
Gaffer: John Burke
Electrician: Seamus Shanley
Art Department: Xander Mitchell
Hair & Make Up: Emma Leon
Runner: Puck Litany

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