Tangerine Reef

Tangerine Reef is a full-length audiovisual album by Animal Collective (Avey Tare, Deakin and Geologist) in collaboration with Coral Morphologic, to commemorate the 2018 International Year of the Reef, out now on Domino. Tangerine Reef is a visual tone poem consisting of time-lapse and slow pans across surreal aquascapes of naturally fluorescent coral and cameos by alien-like reef creatures (note: no CGI or artificial enhancement was used in this film). More info at: tangerinereef.myanimalhome.net

Watch the music video directed by John McSwain and Coral Morphologic for “Hair Cutter” on Apple Music here: apple.co/haircuttervideo

Order the CD and deluxe 2xLP on green vinyl: http://smarturl.it/TangerineReefLP

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