The Path

Music: The Fraktopus (Renée Gelineau: guitar and vocals; Mathieu Boudreau: bass and synth; Renard frak: drums, synth, mix, mastering). Producer: Renard frak. Recording and engineering: François Petitpas. Drums recording: Mountain City Recording Studio. Video: Renard frak.

The path. Which path ?!? We all wonder about our existence. According to the works of Nassim Haramein, all the information of the whole universe is contained in every atom. Maybe we have the answers inside us? Maybe not. Plants also question one another, exchange between them, according to the works of Wouter Van Hoven. “Mother trees” have accumulated knowledge for centuries. A gigantic information network is under our feet, the “Wood Wide Web”. Do these entities that we have always considered unthinking have answers to give us? In the way that we interact with our environment, it is obvious that we have a lot to learn.

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