The Splendor of Color Kaleidoscope

If you want this on Blu-ray or DVD, please visit to order it securely via my Amazon Web Store. The website contains a link to a downloadable Blu-ray quality version for $10. also contains background information and credits for this video and the original kaleidoscope that I modified and expanded for video animation and the original fractal flame formulas that these images are based on. The music is “A Journey Within” and “Endless Oceans” by Bjorn Lynne.

If you read the comments of these kaleidoscopes, it seems that a large percentage of the viewers are potheads and psychedelic trippers who are doing absolutely no harm to anyone. Just good people relaxing to hypnotic patterns and beautiful colors. I don’t want to punish these people or to take away their drugs. I want to help them have a safe and regulated supply that is well tested and labeled and comes complete with a thorough and factual education about effects, side effects and drawbacks. I want them to be more informed consumers of drugs so that that they are more likely to consume safely while remaining SAFE from the authorities. The government is supposed to work for all the citizens, not just the drug-free citizens. It’s time to rethink Drug Law Policy in the U.S. and around the world.

My playlist has a few videos with discussions and facts supporting the rescheduling of marijuana so that it is no longer a Schedule 1 controlled substance in the U.S. It is clearly safe and has valid medical uses as the evidence in this playlist proves. By definition, Schedule 1 states that a drug has no medical uses. That is patently untruthful with regard to marijuana and undermines the credibility of our government. Our policies should be based on scientific evidence and objective truth, not outdated Drug War propaganda. Outright lying by the government should not be tolerated in any civil society. That is called corruption by any reasonable standards, particularly when it prevents scientific and medical research and ultimately promotes cruel and unusual punishment and needless suffering.


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