Looking for a phone case with a trippy design? Luckily for you, we’ve put together a list of the top 30 psychedelic & trippy phone cases we found. Whether you’re looking for a trippy design for your iPhone or Android, you’re sure to find a fit in this list.

So, in no particular order, here are 30 psychedelic & trippy phone cases we’ve curated. From surrealism, to fractals and psychedelic eye candy. We tried to cover all sorts of trippy styles. Prices listed are at the time of posting, apologies if they’ve changed.


30. Poohhgffn

This trippy cat phone case design is available for most models. – $28.00


29. Journeying Spirit

A stunning psychedelic illustration phone case that’s available for most models. – $28.00


28. Dark Side of the Mystery

This classic design makes a return as a limited edition design. Cool rainbow art with mystical details. A rowboat heads towards the keyhole in the sky in this trippy surreal art. Go to the Dark Side of Mystery with this unique and classic artwork. Available for iPhone and Galaxy models. – $35.00


27. Red Lights Indicates Doors Are Secured

This is an awesome and trippy glitch art design, for most phone models. – $28.00


26. Mandala Frenchie

An intricate and psychedelic Frenchie illustration. iPhone and Galaxy models. – $35.00


25. Dead Flowers

For those wanting a more surreal phone case. This beautiful and trippy design is available for iPhone and Android phones. – $28.00


24. Hamsa Hand

A beautiful and vibrant psychedelic phone case. Available for most iPhone and Android phones. – $28.00


23. Duality

A trippy, double exposure image of foggy Swedish forest with birds in soft tones and lit like a sunset and on top the New York City skyline. The image is made so it can be turn up side down if you want to. For Galaxy and iPhone models. – $35.00


22. Mountain Bear

A simplistic, fractal geometric illustration of a mountain landscape with a bear. Beautifully illustrated. – $35.00


21. We Used to Live Here

Another great surreal phone case with a vintage look. This amazing design is available for most phone models. – $28.00


20. Minimal Geometrical Optical Illusion

Amazing minimal and detailed optical illusion in black & white. Trip your eyes out with this design for iPhone and Android phones. – $35.00


19. Be Slowly

A trippy, black & white flower phone case. Simple and eye-catching. Available for iPhone and Android phones. – $28.00


18. Drop Acid Not Bombs

This is an alternative version of B-2 bomber – with the bombs that help people, not with the ones that destroy life. This psychedelic design is available for iPhone and Galaxy models. – $35.00


17. Don’t

This trippy and psychedelic glitch art is an explosion of color. Perfect eye candy for your phone! Available for most models. – $28.00


16. Midnight Sunbath

Another vintage style design with a psychedelic landscape. Also for most iPhone and Android models. – $28.00


15. Defragged

A trippy, neon skull design. Elements cascade in an abstract line that make for a very cool design. For iPhone and Galaxy phones. – $35.00


14. Shroom Girl

We couldn’t do one of these lists without at least one shroom design! This psychedelic vintage pop-art design is available for most phones. – $28.00


13. Fractal Pattern

Fractal Pattern is a trippy piece of abstract art. This cool pattern of overlapping colors is a popular design with influences in tribal art.  – $35.00


12. High Cat

Of course, we must have the obligatory cat in sunglasses trippy design. Except this one is pretty cool! For most phone models. – $28.00


11. Minimal Curves Black

This black and white minimal line art produces an insane, trippy illusion while staring at it. For most phone models. – $28.00


10. I Want My Blue Sky

A surreal and trippy illustration of a man walking through the city looking for the perfect blue sky. For iPhone and Galaxy phones. – $35.00


9. Flying High

This abstract and symmetrical design is a work of art! You can get this colorful and trippy phone case for most models. – $28.00


8. Owl Queen

And like the obligatory cat in sunglasses design, we have to have the psychedelic owl! This beautiful illustration is for iPhone and Galaxy phones. – $35.00


7. Psychedelic Yggdrasil World Tree of Life

An old Scandinavian shamanic concept seen through a psychedelic vision. For Galaxy and iPhone. – $35.00


6. Luminance

This psychedelic illustration is absolutely stunning. For most phone models. – $28.00


5. Apocalypse Elephant

A simple, vibrant and psychedelic elephant phone case. Get this design for iPhone and Galaxy phones. – $35.00


4. Pop-Art Festival

More fractal eye candy! This trippy design is simply beautiful. For most phone models. – $28.00


3. Trippy Sphynx

This trippy sphynx design will make you do a double take. Available for Galaxy and iPhone models. – $35.00


2. Unknown Pleasures to Infinity

A mix of surrealism and digital art, this is one of our favorite surreal phone cases. For most phone models. – $28.00


1. Galaxy

Simple, beautiful and psychedelic. Just how we like it! Available for Galaxy and iPhone models. – $35.00


That’s our list! If you’ve seen better, share in the comments below. We’d love to check them out! Until next time, happy tripping!

Top 30 Psychedelic & Trippy Phone Cases

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