An audiovisual piece made up of over four thousand still images pulled from Google Earth, individually edited, and then manually sequenced to Midnight by Caravan Palace.

The film showcases instances of environmental innovation and degradation from around the world: housing developments in Denmark designed to promote increased community, sites of deforestation in the Amazon due to cattle ranching, and the Namib desert in Namibia whose biodiversity has some of the highest levels of endemism.

Midnight – Caravan Palace

– Google Earth Pro
– Adobe After Effects CC

– 0:09 New York, USA
– 0:17 Namib Desert, Namibia
– 0:23 California, USA
– 0:28 Denmark
– 0:32 New York, USA
– 0:52 Saudi Arabia
– 1:00 The Netherlands
– 0:52 Saudi Arabia
– 1:10 New York, USA
– 1:18 Iran
– 1:23 New York, USA
– 1:29 The Netherlands
– 1:32 California, USA
– 1:35 Brazil


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