Welcome to my new video sharing the 12 most awarded 256³ tracks. What’s does 256³ mean ? Many people asked this. It’s the size of the map. I can develop this meaning by saying that 256 blocks of width, 256 blocks for the length, 256 blocks for the height. This video basically shows insane tracks made by known guys, like v.neck, VAE or C4 Freak. This video also show really insane runs made by TM community. The run on Domination is really insane, like in ibc – levitate.
Nowadays, it’s a shame that such tracks no longer exist in 2017, but at least we have those tracks when the first versions of TMUnlimiter were poupular to build such maps.

Music :
Seismix & Cahb – So blue
Smooth – I try
Seismix & Cahb – Gravity
Seismix & Cahb – Space
Seismix & Cahb – Midnight sun

Thanks for watching !

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