Trippy Tuesday: Cosmic Flower Unfolding

A film by Ben Ridgway
Cosmic Flower Unfolding is a constant flow of emerging and dissolving oceanic, futuristic, and mandala forms. It is a tribute to abstraction, it’s connection to the inner space we inhabit and how it can be externalized.

SPECIAL PRESENTATION – SIGGRAPH 2013 Dailies| Anaheim, CA | summer 2013

ROYAL REEL AWARD: Canada International Film Festival, Vancouver, BC, Canada | March 2014

SECOND PLACE AWARD: Independent Animation | ASIFA Second Annual ASIFA Spring Festival | 2013

Selected Screening/Installation: ANIMA MUNDI 2014 | Brazil | August 2014

Selected Screening: San Francisco International Film Festival | San Francisco, CA | April/May 2014

Selected Installation | Animafest 24th World Festival of Animated Film | Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb, Croatia | 2014

Selected Screening/Installation: Currents 2014 New Media Festival, New Mexico | June 2014

Selected Screening: Fort McMurray International Film Festival | Alberta, Canada | Aug 2014

Selected Screening: San Francisco Frozen Film Fest | San Francisco, CA | July 2014

Selected Screening: Visionfest | Brooklyn, NY | May 2014

Selected Screening: Northwest Animation Festival | Portland, Oregon | May 2014

Selected Screening: Spirit Quest Film Festival | Edinboro, PA | April 2014

Selected Screening/Installation: Kansas City Film Festival, Kansas City, MO | April 2014

Selected Screening: Athens International Film + Video Festival | Athens, OH | April 2014

Selected Gallery Installation | Dreams and Divinities | San Cristobal, Chiapas, Mexico | March 2014

Selected Screening: Byron Bay International Film Festival | Feb/March 2014

Selected Screening: CINE TORO | Cali & Toro, Colombia | Sept 2013

Cosmic Flower Unfolding (c) copyright 2013 by Ben Ridgway

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