Wraithmachine (Roelfuncken Rework)

Datacode – Wraithmachine (Roel Funken Rework)
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Watch Datacode Wraithmachine Chapter 1 – ORIGIN // vimeo.com/208282868

Wraithmachine Chapters 1-7 AV liveshow – contact [email protected]

1 – 起源 (Origin) First contact between machine and error.0x17 – a glitch that leads it to think differently from other machines
2 – 隠 さ (Hidden) Hidden input generated by the glitch, the creation of independent thought
3 – 侵入 (Intrusion) A thought that generates errors in the artificial structure
4 – 出力 (Output) The first manifestation
5 – 認知 度 (Awareness) Birth of consciousness // self-awareness
6 – 上昇 (Rise) Development of complex thought and personality formation
7 – 生 霊 (The Wraith) Creation and realization of the complete life form inside the machine, caged in a mechanical and artificial physical body and horrified by the restriction, desperate to escape.

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